Yale Smart Z-Wave Module

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Yale Smart Living security module for integration with Z-Wave home automation.DIY friendly.For more information on how to fit your module please check your user guide. How to connect the module with your Z-Wave home automation system Connecting to a home automation system is a two way process and may require the home automation system to be configured to look for a new device please consult the manual that came with the system for more information. Please review the above image for instructions on how to connect with your Z-Wave Home Security Controller.NB This product is only compatible with the CONNECTED Smart Locks. The previous Keyfree and Keyless locks will not be compatible with this module. Please check your user guide to verify the type of lock you have.When using this module please note that if you have one you will have to remove your current radio module. This will mean that Yale keyfobs will no longer work with your lock..

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