Ring Chime Pro Wi-Fi extender and Indoor Door Chime

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Key Features . Extend the WiFi signal from your router to your devicesGet Ring notifications anywhere in your homeChoose from a wide selection of alert tonesDo not disturb mode disable alerts for peace and quietSimple plug-and-play installation and setup2 years on parts and lifetime theft protection The Ring Chime Pro boosts the Wi-Fi in your home and amplifies your Ring alerts. It works with your Ring Video Doorbell or Stick up Camera to give you an audible alert inside your home when someone triggers a motion sensor or rings the doorbell.The Chime unit plugs discreetly into any standard power outlet to extends your Wi-Fi signal around your home and connects wirelessly with your Ring products through the free-to-download Ring App.It has multiple chime tones volume control and Do Not Disturb function for those days when you want to just relax with your family.Easy to set up – you simply plug it in connect to your Apple iOS or Android device to link wirelessly to your Ring Devices and to complete your desired set up. You can pair as many chimes as you like to your Ring Video Doorbell and Stick Up Cam giving you real-time alerts all over your home so you never miss a caller again!The Ring Chime only works with other Ring products.1 Year manufacturer warranty on parts lifetime purchase protection..